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This month brings an exciting overhaul to your blog! Our latest update introduces a modern layout accompanied by powerful features, including enhanced metadata options (Yay, better SEO 😄), streamlined editing with article hiding and scheduling. Explore these changes on the Metadata Page by following our video tutorial. We look forward to your feedback!

01 February

🔥 General Improvements

Image Editing: Enhance Metadata

Users can now easily edit image names and descriptions to refine metadata, improving SEO and accessibility.

How to Use:

Image Settings:

🆕 News

App Translated

The editor is now available in both Traditional Chinese (zh-TW) and Simplified Chinese. How to enable:

  1. Go to the Settings
  2. Dashboard language
  3. Scroll down to select your preferred language

13 February

🆕 News

New Blog Layout Launch

We're thrilled to introduce a fresh layout for your blog, combining aesthetics with fantastic new features:

How to Use:

Note: This is not a WYSIWYG setup! The editor remains the same; the new layout is visible only in live/preview mode. Check out our own blog here.

Explore all Blog features on the Metadata Page:

Hover over the subpages of your blog on the left sidebar. Open the menu and select Metadata. Here, you'll find:

Find the step-by-step guide in this video:

Try it out and share your feedback with us! 😊

🐞 Fixes 

Invitations to collaborate

Resolved an issue with collaboration invitations where some users experienced problems, such as non-functional invitations or redirection to incorrect workspaces. This issue has been addressed. If you encounter any further errors, please report them.

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